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Israel parliament passes the ‘Nation-State’ law, Palestinian President Abbas and Arab League furiously reprove law

Jerusalem / Ramallah : The Israeli parliament approved the nation-state bill which defines Israel to be a nation-state of the Jewish people. This law will entitle the Jews in Israel with special rights whereas it rejects the Palestinians’ claim over Israel. The bill approved by the Israeli Knesset has attracted fury from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Arab countries of the Gulf, while the European Union(EU) has expressed concern over the decision.

‘Nation-State’ law, approve, Israeli parliament, President Mahmoud Abbas, Jews, reprove, West BankThe bill was approved in the parliament by a vote of 62 to 55 which was held on Thursday. Many issues are claimed to have been settled with the adoption of the legislature, which was proposed by the Netanyahu administration a few months ago. This law underscores that the land of Israel officially belongs to the Jewish people. As the citizens of this land, the law provides for exclusive rights to the Jewish people as also to the construction of the Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank which will now be made legal.

The law declares Hebrew to be the official national language of Israel, elevating it to a unique position. Previously, Arabic was also an official language in Israel. However, the adoption of the new legislature only assigns special status to the Arabic language, leading to the disappointment of the Arabic citizens in the state. This legislature officially seals the nation’s stand – defining an undivided Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, claim Israeli leaders.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas lambasted at the nation-state bill passed by Israel’s Knesset. He alleged that the law was racist and a conspiracy against the Palestinians. The international community has appealed to Abbas to take cognisance into the matter and stop the legislature from taking effect. Whereas, the Arab League claimed it consolidated Israel’s hold over the Palestinian land.

The EU has reproved the Israeli law while also appealing to Israel, to respect the rights of the Palestinians. The EU has declared that it would discuss the matter with Israel.

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