Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council suspects potential sabotage in Iran plane crash   

London: A likely sabotage is suspected in the Ukrainian plane crash of Boing 737 passenger airliner, that took off from Tehran for Kyiv. A British newspaper claimed the plane was probably hit by a rocket and did not crash because of a technical snag. However, Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, made a suggestive statement that fragments of the Russian rocket found near the crash site, needed to be examined.  

On Tuesday night, the plane took off from the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran with 176 passengers for Kyiv in Ukraine and crashed at a deserted site in Parand near Tehran. The Iranian agencies informed that the crash occurred because of engine failure. Iran suggested the plane could have collapsed as the pilot likely lost control over the aircraft. Nevertheless, Iran refused to hand over the black box flight recorder (which records all flight data and conversations in the cockpit), recovered from the broken part of the plane, to Boing or any agencies from the United States.   

Some shocking piece of information has surfaced on Iran’s social media. A fragment of a rocket was found in a ditch in Parand, located close to the crash site and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have a base situated exactly opposite to it. The British daily published the photograph of the rocket and asserted that the crash could be part of the sabotage.  

Even Oleksiy Danilov expressed that the possibility of sabotage could not be denied. ‘Ukraine’s investigative team has not finished its enquiry. Therefore, no possibility can be excluded,’ Danilov said. Furthermore, Danilov asserted that the examination of the rocket fragment, found in the residential area close to the crash site, was imperative.   

Analysts around the world had already expressed strong suspicion that the plane had not suffered a crash but was shot down instead. Severe repercussions might emerge soon if Iran was found responsible for downing the plane. 

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