Russia to test underwater ‘Doomsday Drone’ capable of destroying entire city

Russia to test underwater ‘Doomsday Drone’ capable of destroying entire city

Moscow: Russia has begun preparations for testing the ‘Doomsday Drone’, which is capable of generating a 300-feet-high Tsunami and destroying an entire city. A leading Russian daily has published the details on the testing. Two years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin had asserted the drone could grow powerful enough to become a game-changer in war. The world is, therefore, closely following the developments on the testing of the Doomsday drone.  

In 2018, the Russian President had presented before the world media a show of strength. President Vladimir Putin had offered a glimpse at Russia’s preparations if a world war were to spark off. It included the Poseidon drone that can be launched from a submarine. The drone can carry a nuclear warhead weighing up to 2 megatons and has a range of 10,000 kilometres. The automated drone can easily travel across the North Atlantic Ocean, Putin had claimed at the time. Subsequently, a few photos and videos of the drone were published 

On Tuesday, a Russian news agency caused a sensation when it published a story on the testing of the drone. The test-launch of the drone will be made from Russia’s Belgorod submarine in the White Sea of the Arctic Ocean, the news agency reported. Significant modifications were made to the drone in the past two years. The Russian agencies affirmed the Doomsday Drone, which is deemed the world’s most destructive, was entirely hack-free, to ensure the weapon was not misused by falling into the hands of adversaries, hackers or cyber terrorists.  

The drone is believed would be commissioned into the Russian Navy in September this year. Furthermore, the drone can travel with high-speed of up to 70 knots and can destroy any naval base or a city with a population of millions. Russia has declared it would prepare a minimum of 16 such drones. Moreover, the Russian Navy has already built two submarines with which they can launch the Doomsday weapon. 

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