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Turkey instructs Syrian rebels to kill Russian soldiers in faceoff in Libya 

 Cairo/Damascus: ‘If you encounter Russian soldiers fighting for the Fayez al-Sarraj government in Libya, kill them,’ Turkey instructed his aides. According to a website report, Syrian rebels, who had entered into Libya and are working for Turkey as mercenaries, are said to have been instructed by Turkey. Turkey appears to be in a faceoff with Russia for the past few days over the conflict in Syria.   

 The pro-Turkey Syrian rebels that have entered into Libya gave the information to an investigative journalist during an interview. The interview revealed that the rebels are currently located in Syria’s Idlib. ‘As of now, an intense battle has not sparked off in Libya. Nevertheless, with Turkey’s forces and ammunition, a severe battle will soon begin where we will defeat Russia,’ vowed a pro-Turkish Syrian rebel.   

‘We did not have a confrontation with the Russian soldiers in Syria. However, as the Russian soldiers are deployed in Libya, we will receive that opportunity here. The Syrian rebels are, therefore arriving at Libya to seek revenge for destroying their Syrian cities. Turkey has already instructed us to strike the Russian forces,’ said another rebel to the investigative journalist. The website reports that the pro-Turkish Syrian rebels are arriving in Libya in significant numbers.   

Turkey is sending the Syrian rebels to Libya via Tunisia. Furthermore, Turkey was previously found to be paying a thousand dollars in wages to the rebels. Turkey has rejected all the claims asserting that its military advisor was in Libya. Libya’s al-Sarraj government had affirmed that the pro-Turkish Syrian rebels or Turkish mercenaries were not present in the country. However, in photographs that were released, the Syrian rebels were spotted, deployed outside Sarraj’s residence as also going with him at important sites.   

Haftar’s rebels, as also Syrian human rights groups alleged that the Syrian rebels Turkey sent to Libya were affiliated to Al Qaeda and ISIS groups. Given the Syrian war, Turkey has kept its borders open for the Syrian refugees, but terrorists and extremists from Syria have entered Turkey along with the refugees. Video footage released on the social media showed that Turkey had supplied arms and ammunition to the terrorists and sent them to Libya through passenger airliners as mercenaries.   

For the past few days, Turkey and Russia have developed differences over the conflict in Syria. Also, Turkey has become overly aggressive after losing five of its soldiers in the attacks the Syrian military and Russia had launched. Turkey’s instructions to the Syrian rebels fighting in Libya only confirm its aggression. 

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