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Death toll of China’s Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic surpasses that during 2002-03 SARS outbreak 

Beijing: The Wuhan Coronavirus that began last month is on a rampage in China, and the death toll has reached 813. Of these, 811 people are from China. On Saturday, 89 deaths were reported in 24 hours, and the cases recorded worldwide has reached 37,000. With the new statistics, the epidemic surpassed the SARS outbreak from 2002-03, which had claimed the lives of 774 people. Meanwhile, the Chinese agencies have asserted that the novel Coronavirus infection is spreading through three different modes.   

Wuhan Coronavirus, Death, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, epidemic, improper handling of epidemic, China, MalaysiaThe Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic began in China in the year 2002. Within almost nine months, the epidemic had spread to more than 20 countries. The outbreak of the SARS that belongs to the family of Coronavirus has claimed 774 lives. China even faced a lot of criticism for improper handling of the epidemic. Given the background, the statistics of the novel Coronavirus epidemic is more extensive and dreaded even more, as its death toll has already surpassed that from the SARS outbreak.  

The effects of the Wuhan virus are already visible on the international industry and global economy. Along with Asia, industrial sectors in the US and Europe have also begun to receive blows due to the epidemic. The tourism industry has taken the most significant hit and almost all the bookings of the Chinese tourists to Asian nations, the United States and Europe were cancelled. Analysts believe the losses occurred as a result may be in billions of dollars.  

Wuhan Coronavirus, Death, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, epidemic, improper handling of epidemic, China, MalaysiaChina is known as ‘the world’s factory’ and has become the manufacturing hub of electronics, metals and medicines. Under the lockdown imposed on cities to contain the Coronavirus epidemic, large factories and industries were also kept closed. Resultantly, its effects have begun to show on the businesses in other countries with fears of imports from China likely coming to a grinding halt. Also, the international community has appealed to China to prioritise restarting its factories and industries.  

However, China has issued instructions to keep the industries, factories and schools shut until the time the epidemic comes under control. Most Chinese enterprises will reportedly remain closed until the end of February. At the same time, China is said to have made available additional funds of $10 billion for tackling the Wuhan Coronavirus.  

Meanwhile, Malaysia announced extending the travel ban imposed against travellers from China. Furthermore, 70 companies have withdrawn from the Singapore Air Show 2020 that was to begin this week. 

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