Russian defence minister visits command centre in Ukraine’s Donetsk

- Ukrainian media claims Russia used 1.5-ton gliding bomb

Russian defence minister visits command centre in Ukraine’s Donetsk

Moscow/Kyiv: On Saturday, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the Army’s command centre in Donetsk province. During the meeting, he is said to have discussed with a senior Russian military official and inquired about the action in east Ukraine. In the next few days, there are indications that Russia will capture Bakhmut, and after that, Russia will make the campaign for Donbas more comprehensive. In view of this, the defence minister’s visit assumes much significance. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian media has claimed that Russia had used advanced gliding bombs weighing 1.5 tons a few days ago.  

defence ministerRussian forces have continued the series of attacks on all the Ukrainian fronts in the new year. From Kharkiv in north-east Ukraine to Kherson in South Ukraine, attacks are being carried out daily on every front. It is clear from the claims made by the Defence Ministry that Russia is advancing in phases by breaking the Ukrainian defence and targeting its military capability. On Saturday, Russian forces attacked Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. The operation of the Southern Group of Forces of the Russian armed forces in Donetsk province achieved great success. More than 200 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in attacks in Donetsk. Lt Gen Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Defence Ministry, said the air attacks were launched along with firing from tanks and artillery guns in operation. Furthermore, the command posts of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment were blown up during the attack in Maryevka in Zaporizhzhia province.  

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More than 30 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in attacks in Kherson province. The Defence Ministry stated that some armoured vehicles and howitzers were also destroyed in the attack. Russian officials claimed to have destroyed the Ukrainian military’s drone wing in Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine. The Ukrainian military and foreign media said Russia is preparing for a new offensive in south Ukraine and is constantly targeting the military defences of the Ukrainian Army. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military claimed Russia had used a 1.5-ton gliding bomb.  

The name of this bomb is ‘UPAB-1500B’, and it is said to have been used in the attack in the Chernihiv area. The bomb uses a ‘satellite navigation system’ and a warhead weighing over 1,000 kg. The Ukrainian military claims that the bomb can be used from 40 km away from the target. The Ukrainian authorities have expressed concern that Russia has used this gliding bomb for the first time in the Russia-Ukraine war, and its use may increase in the future. 

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