US to supply advanced air defence system to Ukraine

- Ukraine demands to end conflict by year-end   

US to supply advanced air defence system to Ukraine

Moscow/Kyiv: – In view of the aggressive Russian attacks in the Donbas region, the United States has started preparations to supply an advanced air defence system to Ukraine. Besides, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has consistently demanded this system. According to sources, the United States will announce supply this week. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Ukrainian President Zelensky made a statement during the G7 meeting that the Ukraine conflict must end by the year-end.   

advanced air defence systemIt is being revealed that Russia, which initiated the military campaign in Ukraine in February, is getting a huge military success in the second phase of the campaign. This Russian success has made even the western countries restless, along with Ukraine. Therefore, the moves to make Russia retreat have gained momentum. The stress will be on increasing and speeding up the weapons supply from the westerners. Ukraine has received Harpoon missiles and Himars rocket systems from the United States, and it is said that the systems have already been put to use.   

But Ukraine is demanding the air defence system along with these weapon systems. Most of the air defence systems in Ukraine are of Russian make and old. Ukraine is finding it difficult to counter the new Russian attacks as many of these systems have been destroyed in the Russian attacks. Moreover, Ukraine was forced to retreat from many important cities in the Donbas region. There is a fear of the entire Donbas region going under Russian control if the intensity of the Russian attacks is maintained. This would be a significant shock for the Ukrainian military and the supporting western countries. Therefore, Ukraine is preparing to put Russia on the backfoot and the G7 countries seem to be responding to the demands. The United States, the leading country among the G7, has indicated the advanced Nasams system supply to Ukraine. The leading US defence company Raytheon and Norway developed this air defence system. A refined version of this system was developed in 2019 and the system has a range of 30 kilometres. It is believed that this system will prove effective against the Russian fighter jets and missiles.   

Meanwhile, the G7 group has issued a joint statement. It has been clarified in the statement that Ukraine will be provided economic, humanitarian and diplomatic aid for an extended period.   

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