The fast-spreading novel Coronavirus is biggest crisis facing Chinese Communist Party in 70 years: President Xi Jinping 

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that ‘The Coronavirus outbreak is spreading rapidly in Wuhan and other Chinese cities. It is the most significant calamity faced by the Chinese Communist Party in last seven decades.’ President Jinping expressed grave concerns over the outbreak as he confessed that the efforts to surmount or even contain the deadly epidemic had failed.  

In China alone, the novel Coronavirus death toll stands at 2592 while cases were reported in the neighbouring countries of Japan, South Korea, along with Iran from Middle East. Given the recent developments, Chinese President Jinping has appealed for more efforts calling them a necessity to contain the outbreak.   

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Jinping stated that the virus was spreading at a very rapid pace and that it had become challenging to contain. ‘This is the first time in the last 70 years since the Communist party came to power in China in 1949, that a deadly epidemic went on such a rampage in China. The outbreak has generated a significant crisis for China and is a time of adversity,’ Xi said.  

The novel Coronavirus has hit China’s industrial sector, causing a substantial decline in exports. Resultantly, it is having a direct impact on the Chinese economy. Alarmed due to the situation, President Jinping appealed to the provinces not reeling under the influence of Coronavirus outbreak to focus on manufacturing.   

The panic over the new virus has led the Xi regime to postpone all the political meetings as also international conferences. At the same time, the annual Parliament session of the Chinese Communist party was also postponed.  

Meanwhile, the Chinese National People’s Congress has issued a ban on eating wild animals to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection. Accordingly, China has issued a strict warning not to use the flesh of cats, rats, snakes, lizards and wolf cubs.  

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