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Top US health official in Ohio claims, about 100,000 infected with Wuhan Coronavirus in the state

 Washington: The top health official in the US state of Ohio made the sensational claim that the state may have over 100,000 cases of the Novel Coronavirus. Also, the local agencies did not have any concrete figures, admitted the Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton while addressing a press conference on Thursday.   

In the last few days, the US has seen a rise in the number of cases as also deaths due to the new Coronavirus. On Thursday, the latest figures recorded a total of 1800 cases while the death toll had surpassed 40. The health experts and officials in the US have repeatedly been issuing severe concerns about the COVID-19 and expressed fear over hundreds of thousands of people in the country contracting the virus.

 The warning issued by the Director of the Ohio Health Department is on the same lines. ‘The population in the US state of Ohio is nearly 11 million and 1 per cent of our population is carrying this virus in this state today. This would mean at the very least, 100,000 people in Ohio may have the Coronavirus’, Amy Acton said. Furthermore, Acton warned that the pandemic was the most significant in the past several decades.   

Currently, the state of Ohio has confirmed 5 cases of the COVID-19 while more than 50 are under observation.    

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