Ukraine conflict is a rehearsal of Russia-NATO war

- claims Russian analyst  


Moscow: – Russian analyst Alexei Fenenko claimed that the Russian military campaign in Ukraine is a rehearsal of a major future war. Russia is testing the capabilities of its weapons against NATO weapons. It is being tested as to how effective are the Russian weapons compared to the NATO weapons. Hence, it is an important lesson for the Russian forces. Former Russian military official Mikhail Khodaryonok warned that the Russian troops have not utilised even 10% of their capacities.  

तालीमMoreover, Russia has greatly intensified attacks in Ukraine over the last few days. Along with the Donbas region, South and Central Ukraine are consistently showered with rockets and missiles. Russia has succeeded in gaining control over major territory. Russia has been forced to retreat from Kyiv and Kharkiv cities. The primary factor for the Russian withdrawal is the massive weapons supply from NATO member countries to the Ukrainian military. NATO members the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Turkey, and Poland, have supplied weapons to Ukraine.   

The Ukrainian President is repeatedly demanding that NATO should supply more advanced weapons, fighter jets and missiles. The United States and European Union have announced huge funding for fulfilling this Ukrainian demand. The Russian leaders have repeatedly said that Russia is fully aware of the weapons supplied by the NATO members, including the United States, to Ukraine. Hence, the Russian forces will retaliate accordingly.   

तालीमOne of the main reasons behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict was the Ukrainian desire to join NATO. But Russia does not want the threat of increasing NATO deployments near its borders. The attack was launched on Ukraine to eliminate this threat. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned that Russia would not allow this influence to grow near its borders under any circumstances. President Putin had also warned that Russia might use nuclear weapons for its security if found necessary. Earlier analysts and experts had said that Russia could be a huge challenge for the NATO countries if a war broke out. Taking all this into account, the claim made by Fenenko becomes noteworthy.   

Meanwhile, Russia claimed to have destroyed a huge arsenal of foreign weapons in the Zhytomyr province of Ukraine. The Russian military informed that this stock of weapons received from the United States and European countries was destined for the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region. Russia claimed that an attack was carried out on the stock of foreign weapons in the city of Lviv only last week. 

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