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COVID-19 ravaging the world, as it did Wuhan in early stages, warns China’s epidemiologist

A Chinese expert has warned that the situation in the countries, where the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has entered, would become as dreadful as it was in Wuhan. The claim was made by Dr Zhong Nanshan, who had underscored the limitations of the Chinese agencies during the 2003 SARS epidemic.    

Dr Nanshan expects the Coronavirus pandemic to be entirely under control in China by April end. ‘However, the pandemic is ravaging the globe. The current pattern of outbreaks outside of China is similar to the early trajectory of the outbreak in Wuhan. If the pandemic is not brought under control in time, the situation globally will become deadly’, the expert warned.  

‘Yet, some people do not believe the new Coronavirus has caused a crisis. Therefore, they are continuing with their routine visits for work to other countries, which is a major cause for concern. Meticulous medical monitoring has thus become crucial. Nevertheless, even that precaution is not being exercised currently’, Dr Zhong Nanshan criticised.  

Even though the Chinese expert has issued the warnings now, China has been heavily blamed for concealing information on the Wuhan Coronavirus, due to which the world had to brace for the crisis. China has, therefore started making allegations stating that the US military planted the virus in the country to absolve itself. Once again, Dr Zhong Nanshan’s claims demonstrate how the Chinese experts are blaming the spread of the virus on the carelessness of other countries to exempt the state of the accusations.  

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