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Clashes emerge between US and China over the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus  

Washington: US President Donald Trump warned against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic bringing in a global slowdown. Also, President Trump expressed concerns over the pandemic ravaging the world possibly till July or August. He has thus announced that the US industries hit due to the ‘Chinese virus’ would receive all the necessary support from the US administration, but China has registered a protest on the claim. On the other hand, in Europe, the French President has announced a 15-day lockdown in the country.  

The Coronavirus cases across the globe have surged to 186,665 while the death toll due to the pandemic has reached 7,467. The maximum number of deaths have been reported from China, which is said to be 3,226. Italy has recorded 27,980 cases of Coronavirus, of which 2,158 have succumbed to the disease. On Monday, Italy alone recorded 349 new deaths from the virus, and it is the highest carnage in any country so far. If the death rate continues to remain the same in Italy, the deaths in the country would likely surpass that from China. As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, the US President made some key announcements.   

President Trump appealed to Americans not to gather in groups of more than ten at one place for the next 15 days in the United States. Likewise, Trump announced that the US industries are taking a severe hit due to this Chinese virus, and the US administration would provide all the protection to these industries. Nevertheless, China raised strong protest as Trump referred to COVID-19 as a ‘Chinese virus’. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang criticised the US President asking him to worry about the situation in his country, before passing remarks about others.  

Trump has referred to the new Coronavirus as a Chinese virus on a previous occasion as well. China had expressed displeasure even at that time. Following President Trump, even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears to have lashed out at China. Pompeo had a telephonic discussion with the Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi. Some people from China claimed the US military had planted the Coronavirus in China over which the country had maintained a suggestive silence. The US Secretary of State reprimanded China’s Yang Jiechi over the matter and retorted that it was no time for accusations and counter-accusations.  

Meanwhile, even Canada has imposed an entry ban on citizens of all the countries except the United States. 

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