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Nervous Chinese President Xi Jinping will flare Cold War, warns last British Governor of Hong Kong

चीन, हॉंगकॉंग, शीतयुद्ध

London: Last British Governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten has warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping was so nervous about maintaining the highest position in the Chinese Communist Party, the country’s one-party authoritarian system, that he was willing to risk a new Cold War over the Hong Kong issue. Further, Patten cautioned the international community too not to remain ignorant of Chinese President Xi’s intentions. Chris Pattern was the last Governor of Hong Kong before its handover to China.  

चीन, हॉंगकॉंग, शीतयुद्ध‘President Xi Jinping is a dictator. He is unsure if he would be able to maintain the topmost position in the Chinese Communist Party given the failure in the early handling the Novel Coronavirus outbreak and its criticism thereof as also the blows to the Chinese economy as a result of the trade war with the US. Xi Jinping is more nervous about his position than any other leader of the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, President Xi has begun to spark nationalist feelings in the people of China over issues such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and the like,’ Patten said.  

‘Xi Jinping hates the things which Hong Kong has been promised under the ‘one country, two systems’ treaty lodged at the United Nations (UN). That’s why he is willing to break the treaty, even though it has been enshrined under the international jurisdiction of the UN. What he hopes he can do is to bash Hong Kong into shape,’ stated Patten as he shed some light over Xi Jinping’s actions.  

चीन, हॉंगकॉंग, शीतयुद्धWe (the global community) have long since passed the stage where, without wanting another cold war, we have to react to the fact Xi seems to want one himself, Patten warned. Patten went on to say that ‘If Chinese President Xi initiates a crackdown on Hong Kong, it risks triggering an outflow of capital and people from the city which funnels the bulk of foreign investment into the mainland. President Xi is well aware that this will affect China and his decision on Hong Kong, therefore, is inapprehensible.  

Only a few days ago, as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticised the US, he had alleged that ’Some from the political class in the US, were pushing the US-China relations to a “new Cold War”. Considering the recent events, the remarks of the last British Governor, which indicate China itself wanted a cold war, draw much attention. 

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