North Korea test-fires its first-ever medium-range submarine-capable missile

North Korea test-fires its first-ever medium-range submarine-capable missile

Seoul: North Korea announced test-firing a missile from a submarine. The country declared that the test was conducted to ‘contain the external threat and bolster self-defence’. Nevertheless, Japan, South Korea and the United States have expressed concerns over the North Korean test.

The South Korean military had released information stating that the North Korean military test-fired a missile in the eastern waters of North Korea on Wednesday. South Korea affirmed that it was the first time its neighbour had test-fired a medium-range missile from a submarine. On Thursday, North Korea declared the details of the test.

The new Pukguksong-3, a submarine-launched ballistic missile was tested although the missile is claimed to have crashed near the Japanese waters. Thus far, North Korea had test-fired its missiles from missile launchers. However, North Korea startled the world with its first-ever ballistic missile test that was launched from a submarine.

A few hours before the test, North Korea had proposed talks to the United States. The United States and North Korea were believed to likely resume talks after six months. Also, Japan had welcomed the US-North Korea talks and had responded to it by stating that they were also keen on talks with North Korea. However, the missile test has once again sparked tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

US test-fires Minuteman III ICBM

On Wednesday, the US Air Force test-fired the much-debated Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The rocket was launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Also, the ICBM, which was fired across the Pacific Ocean accurately hit the target in the Marshall Islands, the US Air Force Global Strike Command informed in a statement.

The Minuteman III is believed to have been tested to serve as a deterrent to the ballistic missiles fired at the US. Notably, it is the second time that the US Air Force tested the Minuteman III ICBM this year.

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