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Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons even during Coronavirus crisis, warns Israel PM Netanyahu

Isarel, Iran, Third World War

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that even during the Coronavirus pandemic, Israel’s was firmly determined not to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. The Prime Minister issued the warning during a cabinet meeting held on Sunday, Israeli media reported. According to reports, Iran denied the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors access to it’s nuclear facilities. Israel’s warning comes in response to this incident and is believed to have sent Iran a message.

Isarel, Iran, Third World War‘Last week, Iran had denied the IAEA inspectors access to certain parts of its nuclear sites. The matter is a serious concern. Coronavirus does not diminish our determination to act against Iranian aggression at all. Israel will not allow Iran to attain nuclear weapons under any circumstances,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as he issued a warning to Iran.

Two years ago, the US had withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal. Thereafter, President Trump consistently imposed strict sanctions against Iran and successfully crippled its nuclear program. Even Iran had announced it was stepping out of the Iran nuclear deal last year. After that, Iran restarted at least three nuclear sites, which are suspected of enriching uranium. Russia, China and European nations are reportedly helping Iran to do so.

Isarel, Iran, Third World WarConsidering the events, the IAEA had recently planned a visit to Iran. However, Iran refused the IAEA inspectors the permission to access to undeclared nuclear sites. The refusal only solidifies the suspicion over Iran‘s nuclear program. Iran is believed to have stored the enriched uranium in those parts of the sites, where the regime had denied access. Since enriched uranium is used for the development of nuclear weapons, Iran appears to have re-initiated efforts to become nuclear-capable.

Israeli Prime Minister’s warning makes evident that Israel has taken serious cognizance of the matter. Israel remains determined to disallow Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while also targeting other Iranian activities. On Saturday, after midnight, Israeli drones launched pounding attacks on Iranian bases in Syria. The Israeli drones are believed to have destroyed Iran’s arms stockpile in the Mezze military base in eastern Syria.

Isarel, Iran, Third World WarThe action claimed the lives of 12 people which included Iraqi and Afghani militiamen. The pro-Iran terrorist groups were using the Mezze military base as their headquarters. Only a few days ago, armed vehicles and an arms stockpile had arrived at the location. The Israeli attacks were thus a significant blow to Iran and pro-Iranian groups.

The airstrikes are Israel’s second most significant this month. Earlier, in an attack launched on Thursday night in western Syria, nine people known to be the aides of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, were killed. Furthermore, Israel launched more than ten attacks on Iranian locations in Syria last month. One of the targeted sites was a lab that developed chemical weapons.

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