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EU warns China of negative consequences over Hong Kong law  

Security Law in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong,

Brussels/ Beijing: China’s attempt at the forceful imposition of the National Security Law in Hong Kong is most probable to land the country in serious trouble. After the G7 nations took a hit at China on the matter, the European Union (EU) has become aggressive against it. The EU has sternly warned China of preparing for grave consequences if it went ahead with the new security law in Hong Kong. Only last week, the European Parliament had threatened to drag China to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over Hong Kong.  

Security Law in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, On Friday, the European Parliament passed a resolution on Hong Kong against China. The declaration threatens to drag the Chinese regime to the ICJ if it were to impose the new security law in Hong Kong. Furthermore, a demand to pressurize China by economic means had been put forth in the resolution to retaliate against its activities. The aggressive posture of the EU against China in the latest meeting draws much attention.  

On Monday, the top brass in EU and China convened a summit via a video conference. Summit was held between European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen from the EU side, and President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang from the Chinese regime. During the EU-China summit, EU chiefs took a firm stand on the Coronavirus pandemic, investment and trade with China, as also Hong Kong.  

‘The matter concerning Hong Kong is one of extreme concern to the EU. The bloc is in constant touch with the G7 group over the issue. The Chinese leadership must reconsider its decision on the imposition of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. China will have to bear negative consequences if it goes forward with the law,’ the EU chiefs warned. Moreover, the bloc expressed its extreme displeasure at China’s disinformation campaign over the Coronavirus outbreak and difficulties the European companies are facing in China.   

Security Law in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, Previously, the EU had offered to cooperate with China on issues such as the US-initiated trade war and campaign against Beijing over the 5G technology. Nevertheless, EU-China tensions have begun to intensify over abuses on the Uyghur community as also COVID-19 and Hong Kong thereafter. The 5G issue has exposed the divide among the European nations, and the mistreatment the European companies are facing in China has only added to it.   

The threatening tone and aggressive posture the EU chiefs took with the Chinese leadership over Hong Kong and other matters during the virtual summit, indicate the relations between the EU and China may soon increasingly deteriorate. In the recent past, China has initiated conflicts with leading nations such as the US, India, Japan and Australia on various levels. Given the circumstances, China is likely to face extreme isolation globally if the EU also goes against China. 

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