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Activities of Chinese Communist Party pose the greatest threat to US, FBI Director warns  

Chinese Communist Party, us , china

Washinton: Director of the US intelligence agency FBI, Christopher Wray, raised awareness about the growing threat from China to the US and said, ‘China is engaged in a whole-of-state effort to become the world’s only superpower by any means necessary. For that, the Chinese Communist Party is active in every sector, and their acts pose the greatest long-term threat to the US. The stakes could not be higher.’ Only last month, the US National Security Advisor had stated that ‘America, under President Trump’s leadership, has finally awoken to the threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s actions and the threat they pose to our great way of life’.  

Chinese Communist Party, us , chinaThe US sparked a diplomatic conflict with China, after accusing the regime of being responsible for the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. US President Donald Trump has taken the lead in this struggle, and countries of the world are being made aware of the Coronavirus as well as other threats from China. The US administration has taken many important and significant decisions to stop the Chinese activities on its soil. Furthermore, it has initiated an extensive campaign for raising awareness among ordinary citizens against China’s conspiracies. As part of the campaign, senior US leaders are visiting various parts of the US to explain the stance on China. Also, FBI Director Christopher Wray’s speech at the Hudson Institute is part of the strategy.   

As he spoke about the threat, Wray said that the risk was not from the Chinese people but the Chinese regime and the Chinese Communist Party, which were responsible for the activities in the US. ‘China’s threat is not limited to just espionage activities, administrative issues or big companies. But It is the people of the United States who are the victims of what amounts to a Chinese threat on a massive scale,’ warned the FBI Director. As he explained further on the topic, he mentioned the 2017 cyber-attack on the US company Equifax and the current activities for stealing Coronavirus research from the US.   

Chinese Communist Party, us , chinaAs he highlighted the threat from China, the FBI Director stressed over three key points. The ambition of the Chinese Communist Party to become the world’s only superpower, the capacity to use any means right from cyber-attacks to students and the fundamental differences between the US and Chinese systems. When he stated the extensiveness of the Chinese activities in the US, he mentioned the overwhelming number of cases related to it registered with the FBI.   

The FBI Director informed that ‘We’ve now reached a point where the FBI is now opening a new China-related counterintelligence case every 10 hours. Nearly 2,500 active counterintelligence cases are currently underway across the country which are related to China, and the numbers are rising consistently’. He elaborated on the Thousand Talents Program and Fox Hunt while speaking about the Chinese regime’s activities.  

Under the Thousand Talents Program, the Chinese Communist regime sends out thousands of the country’s students and researchers. The system has made it mandatory for all such individuals to submit information on the research ongoing in the critical sectors of the US. On the other hand, with operation Fox Hunt, the Chinese Communist Party targets its opponents and critiques living on foreign land, Wray said. The FBI Director underscored the importance of threat and the action taken against the Chinese companies such as the telecom giant Huawei.   

On the sidelines of the Coronavirus, the US President and his cabinet are consistently targeting the ruling Communist regime. Two days ago, President Trump had blamed China for causing massive damage to the US and the world. Now, the FBI Director has once again very explicitly made the world aware of the growing threat from China. The US Administration’s repeated strikes on China are indicative of the diplomatic war between them intensifying further by the day.   

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