18 dead in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan  

18 dead in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan  

Kabul: In a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan capital Kabul, 18 have died while 57 others were wounded, in which schoolchildren are also said to be included. No one has accepted responsibility for the attack as yet. Even the Taliban denied any association with the attacks. However, the attack that took place only one day before this one in Afghanistan had claimed the lives of 20 soldiers where the Taliban was found responsible for the bombing.  

suicide bomb attack, १८ जणांचा बळीThe Kabul attack was likely meant to target the educational institution. The suicide bomber wanted to enter the education centre and cause a devastating attack. Nevertheless, security guards stopped the perpetrator at the door. It is here that the suicide bomber is believed to have blown himself. On the previous day, 20 Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack. Also, reports suggest the terrorist group had abducted two Afghan soldiers.  

The US is preparing to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. Amid that, violence has sparked in Afghanistan where terrorists are causing extreme bloodshed. Besides, talks between the Afghan government and Taliban have reached an impasse, with both sides claiming they were not responsible for it.  Analysts claim that if the US pulls its troops out from Afghanistan under the current circumstances, the nation will fall into a state of anarchy once again. The rising violence and bloodshed in the past few days only seem to have confirmed fears of analysts.  

If reconciliation is not achieved between the Afghanistan government and Taliban soon, the present situation points towards the country possibly having to brace for an upsurge in violence.  

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