China threatens to retaliate after US action over Hong Kong  

China threatens to retaliate after US action over Hong Kong  

Beijing/Washington: The Chinese Foreign Ministry has threatened the US that the country would deliver a firm reply for the US action President Donald Trump had initiated against Hong Kong. China has even summoned the US Ambassador over the matter and reportedly threatened the US that it would not tolerate interference in its internal affairs under any circumstances. President Trump signed the bill on Hong Kong into law and even executive orders for revoking the special status of the financial hub. The US decision to end Hong Kong’s special status is an essential and significant move.  

‘We urge the US side to correct its mistake, not to implement the so-called ‘Hong Kong Autonomy Act’ and immediately stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs in any way. If the US does not take back its decision, China will also give a strong response to protect its interests,’ Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying warned. The spokesperson further said that the US officials and agencies would be sanctioned, and the US efforts to stop the implementation of the Hong Kong act would never be successful. Also, the action seriously violates the basic norms of international relations, Chunying claimed.  

China has even summoned the US Ambassador over the issue concerning Hong Kong. The country condemned the US decision after summoning US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad. The US must immediately stop maligning China’s image and its efforts to instigate the country, the Chinese Foreign Ministry informed.  

Earlier, on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump had announced he would be initiating comprehensive action against China over Hong Kong. China is responsible for oppressive measures against the people of Hong Kong and needs to be punished for it, said President Trump as he justified sanctions over Hong Kong. As per the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, Chinese officials and institutions that participate in the Hong Kong crackdown are to be sanctioned. The sanctions extend to banks and financial institutions that support the Chinese regime as well. At this time, President Trump also announced signing executive orders ending the preferential treatment for Hong Kong.   

US President Trump has also indicated providing asylum to Hong Kong citizens fleeing the city-state while announcing the aggressive decision against China’s new Hong Kong law. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also supported the stand and said Hong Kongers would be given priority as refugees. Furthermore, China’s oppression is believed likely to cause thousands of Hong Kong citizens to flee from the city. The UK, Australia, Japan and Taiwan have already announced their stand of providing refuge to such Hong Kongers. 

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