US okays sale of Patriot missiles worth $1.4 bn to Kuwait  

US okays sale of Patriot missiles worth .4 bn to Kuwait   US okays sale of Patriot missiles

Washington: The United States has approved the sale of Patriot missiles worth $1.4 billion to Kuwait, the US Secretary of State announced. Only in the last month, the US had informed of withdrawing four Patriot air defence systems from the Middle East.   

The US had increased its defence preparedness in the Middle East, given the growing tensions with Iran. Along with that, the US had also decided to provide weapons to its allies in the Middle East. Accordingly, the US is supplying missiles to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Kuwait and the approval for the $1.4 billion sales of the Patriot missiles are part of the same strategy.   

As per the US Department of State, the US will be giving 84 Patriot Interceptor Missiles to Kuwait. ‘The missiles are priced over $800 million. Apart from that, the sale of $420 million was made for providing training and technical assistance. Also, around $100 million will be used for upgrading the Patriot systems that were previously sold to Kuwait,’ the US State Department informed.  

The political stability and security of the Middle Eastern nations are critical for the US, and the US, therefore, has decided to supply the Patriot systems to Kuwait, the State Department said. A few days ago, a news report had stated that the US had deployed the Patriot air defence system in Syria as well.    

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