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Opposing China means fighting for freedom against authoritarianism and violence: Pompeo

Washington: The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took aim at China with stern words as he said, ‘Currently, nations of the world say they do not wish to choose between the US and China. You must understand the fight is not between the US and China. On the one hand, there is authoritarianism and inhuman violence, and on the other, there is freedom. Therefore, the US has begun to strengthen organisations such as the QUAD, ASEAN and NATO. The member nations of the organisations have been acquainted with the monstrous threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.’ At the time, he informed about President Trump’s tough decisions against China and made a suggestive statement saying the campaign was not over yet.  

against China, एकाधिकारशाहीAccusing China of being responsible for the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has claimed the lives of millions in the US and across the world, the US initiated an aggressive battle against the country. As part of the conflict, the US had planned for a campaign that informed the US citizens as also its partner and allied nations about China’s conspiracies. Senior-most officials of the Trump Administration were presenting a tough stance against China in various events across the country as part of the campaign. In the past few months, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, Director of US investigative agency FBI Christopher Wray and Attorney General William Barr have drawn attention towards the activities of the Chinese Communist Party through their speeches. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was at the forefront of the campaign and seen taking a harsh stance against China consistently.  

In July, US State Secretary Pompeo had dubbed the Chinese Communist Party as a Chinese Frankenstein. After that, Pompeo even said the threat from the Chinese Communist Party to the US was much greater than the Soviet Union posed to the US during the Cold War. Opposition leaders and analysts had alleged the onslaught from senior officials was part of President Trump’s campaign. However, Secretary of State targeted and levelled accusations against China even after the elections and thereby proving his claims were baseless. During an event at Washington’s Ronald Regan Institute, Pompeo warned that China was currently the number 1 threat to the world.  

against China, एकाधिकारशाहीThe US Secretary of State warned that ‘The Chinese Communist Party aims to use its capacities and influence the entire world. It was the biggest challenge before the Trump administration. The US will have to face five challenges in the coming decades.’ Also, Pompeo said President Trump took a bold decision, initiated anti-China campaign, which will continue in future as well. Further, Pompeo said the US was seeking help from its partnering nations and called on them for a coordinated reply to China. At the time, he reminded that former President Ronald Regan had brought the international community together against the Soviet Union. He claimed history would repeat itself in the case of China as well. Pompeo underscored that just like with the Soviet Union, people of China would decide the fate of its regime.  

Meanwhile, the diplomatic war of the US against China appears to be intensifying sharply. Only two days ago, the US had sanctioned four Chinese officials over Hong Kong. Subsequently, the US has announced it would commence trade talks with Taiwan. A Taiwan delegation has therefore been invited to the US. Moreover, State Secretary Pompeo informed that a senior official from the Department of State would also be participating in it. 

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