Media that report ‘fake news’ is the country’s biggest enemy, Trump lashes out

Media that report ‘fake news’ is the country’s biggest enemy, Trump lashes out

Washington – The US President Donald Trump severely reprimanded the American media saying that the media reports of his meeting with the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un were highly distorted. Those who spread fake news are the biggest enemies of the people of the United States, accused President Trump. Trump delivered this blow to the US media using the social media. In February 2017, President Trump had made a sensational allegation that the media in the United States was enemy of the nation.fake newsThe whole world’s attention was focused on the meeting between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Singapore. President Trump had claimed that the discussions were successful and that the threat of nuclear weapons from North Korea had ended. Trump had also said that the people of the US could sleep peacefully now. But the US media had raised some doubts and posed a few questions regarding the discussions. The media had claimed that Trump had traded the decision to cancel the war exercises with South Korea in exchange for some ‘adjustments’ made by the North Korean Dictator.

Agitated by this, President Trump lashed out at the US media. He claimed that such doubts were being raised to undermine the success of his discussions with the North Korean Dictator. He said ‘500 days ago the same US media had taken an exactly opposite stance and had demanded for these discussions in order to avoid a war with North Korea. Even in the past, President Trump had alleged that the US media was discriminating against his administration.

‘The media had supported even the wrong decisions of the former Presidents. But they have always attacked me,’ said Trump. He targeted his critics with his crushing remarks saying, ‘Fake news published by fools is the biggest enemy of the United States’. It is claimed that President Trump gave this vitriolic reaction after a critique published in the leading US daily, the ‘New York Times’. The report in the New York Times had accused President Trump of not being equipped with the requisite scientific information while negotiating with North Korea. Trump seems to have answered this accusation in his way.

Meanwhile, there were clear indications that Trump will be at loggerheads with the media after he won the Presidential elections. The conflict was renewed due to a letter written by an association of US reporters to Trump after he assumed the Presidency. The reporters had claimed that criticising the President was their fundamental right and that they would not hesitate to do so. On the other hand, Trump has consistently maintained that the US media is misguiding the US public by publishing fake news and that the media has now lost its credibility.

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