More than 60 shot, 10 killed in Chicago weekend violence in the United States

Chicago – Chicago, one of the major cities in the United States, was hit by a wave of violence during the past three days, in which more than 60 people were shot. Ten people have lost their lives in the violence. This includes the incidences of firings on nearly 30 people on Sunday afternoon alone. The whole situation has created a civil war-like situation but the reasons behind the unrest are not clearly known. One of the police officials claimed this to be a part of a gangland violence. Nevertheless, there is no confirmation about the allegiance of anyone killed or injured to any of the gangs.

Chicago, violence, Fred Waller, gangland violence, attacks, world war 3, United States, civil warPresident Trump had consistently mentioned about the Chicago violence in his various speeches during the presidential campaign and even afterwards. He had also promised federal assistance to control the violence in Chicago. The current wave of violence in Chicago becomes significant against this background.

The Chicago Police Department revealed that 63 incidents of attacks were reported between Friday, 3rd of August to Sunday, 5th of August. In most cases, unknown assailants have opened fire on the victims. Among the 63 shot, 10 have died. The highest incidents of these attacks were in the western and the southern parts of the city which include the areas Lawndale, West Garfield Park, West Humboldt Park, Little Village, Logan Square and Gresham.

Out of the attacks that took place between Friday to Sunday, 34 attacks were reported within the duration of 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday itself. This has put the Chicago police and local hospitals under tremendous pressure. Chicago Police Patrol Chief, Fred Waller claimed that there could be a gang war behind the attacks. However, he did not elaborate as to which gangs or groups may be involved.

Chicago hospital staffers said that the situation in the city has become comparable to a war-zone. The police officials also acknowledged that the last three days have seen the highest violence. Some analysts compared the increasing violence in Chicago to a civil war-like state.

In a report published last year, a leading US daily had included Chicago in the list of cities with the highest incidents of murders. The story had warned that the incidences of violent crimes in Chicago had increased by 21%.

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