The US would have to pay an unbearable for protecting Taiwan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

The US would have to pay an unbearable for protecting Taiwan

Beijing / Washington / Taipei – The United States will pay an unbearable price for encouraging Taiwan’s independence, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned. US President Joe Biden has recently signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), part of US defense spending. Taiwan’s security has been guaranteed in it, and there are indications that Taiwan will be participating in the RIMPAC war exercises. There appears to be a strong reaction from China to Foreign Minister Yi’s remarks, with this backdrop.  

an unbearable, किंमत मोजावी लागेल, वँग यीIn the last few months, China seems to be becoming increasingly aggressive over the Taiwan issue. In October, Communist Party supremo and Chinese President Xi Jinping had sternly warned in invasive words over the issue of Taiwan’s unification. He had warned that any ongoing efforts for Taiwan’s independence, will be thwarted with decisive action. While giving this warning, China has also accelerated the movement of defense forces in the region near Taiwan.  

Since June, war exercises have been consistently ongoing in the South China Sea. The war exercises also include a dress rehearsal for the invasion of Taiwan. On the other hand, it has surfaced that the naval militia consisting of fishing vessels and boats are constantly infiltrating Taiwan’s limits. Chinese fighter jets and warships are also pounding Taiwan’s region. While China’s aggressive movements are on the rise, the United States and its allies have also taken steps to help Taiwan.  

किंमत मोजावी लागेल, वँग यीMention of Taiwan’s security issue in the US Defense Expenditure Bill and its indication of Taiwan’s involvement in multinational exercises such as the RIMPAC is a part of this. The growing cooperation of the international community with Taiwan has made China even more restless. Consequently, China has started to warn against it. Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s warning seems to be part of the same response. Ma Xiaoguang, a spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, also warned that extreme steps would be taken if there is provocation from separatist groups in Taiwan.  

Meanwhile, China has infiltrated as much as 961 times in 2021 in Taiwan’s airspace, informed Taiwan’s Defense Ministry. Compared to 2020, it emerges that it has tripled. Taiwanese analysts have expressed concerns that the severity of this would increase further next year. This intrusion by China is believed to be part of a ‘Grey Zone Warfare’. 

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