Gaza War – Incensed Israel retaliates against Hamas, destroys 150 locations

Gaza War – Incensed Israel retaliates against Hamas, destroys 150 locations

Jerusalem – Incensed by 180 rockets and mortar attacks by Hamas, Israel retaliated with strongly by attacking nearly 150 of its locations in the Gaza Strip. As per the preliminary information, three people have died in the attacks. After the attacks by Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for an urgent meeting of its ‘Security Cabinet’. By saying that there is no possibility of this conflict to subside, the Israeli Prime Minister has indicated at harsher actions against Hamas.

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defence Minister Lieberman had forewarned that if attacks from the Gaza Strip do not stop, Hamas will be entirely responsible for the following consequences. Against this background, Israel carried out retaliatory action against the rocket and mortar attacks from the Gaza Strip that began since Wednesday night. The Israeli Airforce attacked nearly 150 Hamas locations including its military base in the city of Rafah. At the same time, Israel also targeted Hamas’ underground tunnels. The Israel Defence Forces have published the maps of the locations that they attacked.

Israel launched attacks on the underground tunnels which Hamas had constructed as a preparation for a long-drawn conflict with Israel. Israeli attacks on these tunnels could prove to be a major loss to Hamas. The details of the losses suffered by Hamas in the Israeli attacks have not been revealed. Five training bases, one arms warehouse and a meeting place of the senior officials of Hamas in the Khan Yunis area have reportedly been destroyed in the Israeli attacks.

Along with these attacks, Israel has initiated rapid steps to reinforce the internal security. Prime Minister Netanyahu convened a meeting with Defence Minister Lieberman, Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces Gadi Eisenkot, Head of the Internal Security Agency ‘Shin Bet’ Nadav Argaman and Chief of the ‘National Security Council’ Meir Ben-Shabbat. The future course of action against Hamas was said to be discussed in the meeting. During the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a message that the conflict with Hamas will not wane in the near future. Thus, it is clear that Israel will be taking harsher action against Hamas in the coming times about which, the Israeli leaders and officials had forewarned.

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