Syrian forces lay siege to Idlib; Russia stations 13 warships, 2 submarines in Mediterranean. Major assault looms

Syrian forces lay siege to Idlib; Russia stations 13 warships, 2 submarines in Mediterranean. Major assault looms

Moscow – ‘The terrorists in Idlib are like a festering abscess on the body. It has become a necessity to dislodge them. Therefore, nobody should interfere while the action in the Idlib region is underway,’ was the stern warning issued by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Although the Russian Foreign Minister has not named any particular country, it is apparent that he intends to threaten the United States and the European allies who are opposing the Idlib action. In the meantime, the Russian naval fleet has arrived in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Syrian military has already laid siege on the city of Idlib. Russia has indicated that a fierce conflict will be sparked in the next 24 hours.

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Russia has alleged that the United States and its allies have created a facade of chemical attacks by the Syrian government. The warships and militaries of the United States and its allies are in a state of readiness to attack the Assad government in Syria, after blaming it for the chemical attacks. The Russian defence ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova has alleged that nearly 70 military vehicles of the United States and allies are ready to initiate an attack on Syria. These include the USS Ross and the other ships assisting it in the US naval fleet deployed in the Mediterranean Sea and around 380 missiles have been aimed at Syria, claimed Zakharova.

While the US defence headquarters, Pentagon has denied the allegations Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov issued the threat addressed to the United States and its allies. Lavrov announced that the preparations for the attack on Idlib in northern Syria are complete. ‘Idlib is the last of the terrorist havens in Syria and these terrorists are trying to take advantage of the ceasefire agreed upon last year for this region. The terrorists are planning to escape using the Idlib population as human shields. However, these terrorists are like an abscess and annihilating them becomes a moral responsibility,’ said Lavrov.

Lavrov said that he expected the western countries to not fall prey to the incitement of the rebels and stop the anti-terrorist action in Idlib. As per the claims made by the European analysts and the leading media houses, Russia has issued this warning to the western countries after the 13 Russian warships and 2 submarines had arrived in the Syrian coastal waters. Whereas, Oana Lungescu, the spokesperson of NATO retorted saying that she hoped the situation in Syria does not deteriorate further after the Russian warships armed with the Kalibr cruise missiles, are deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

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