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OAS chief threatens of military intervention as an option in Venezuela

Cucuta – ‘If the hardships of the Venezuelan population are going to continue because of the Maduro regime, some firm decisions will have to be taken. A military intervention could also be an available option,’ declared Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the ‘Organization of American States’ (OAS). Almagro also accused the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of being a dictator.

OAS, military intervention, Organisation of American States, Maduro government, Almagro, United States, allege, ww3, Venezuela, CIAThe Venezuelan currency has depreciated by 99% and there is a hyper scarcity of food, medicines and other life essentials. Reports say that the hardships of the Venezuelan people are increasing by the day and more than 80% people are starving. The opposition and the people of Venezuela are blaming the Maduro regime and its faulty economic policies for the current state of affairs.

On the other hand, the Maduro regime has alleged the conspiracies of other countries to be responsible for the condition in the country. President Maduro has accused the United States and the neighbouring Latin American countries of having conspired against Venezuela and pushed the country into an economic crisis in an attempt to overthrow his rule. However, this stand taken by Maduro is being criticised for resulting in instability and anarchy in the country and is also affecting other neighbouring LatAm nations. Due to the lack of confidence in the Maduro government, reports of millions of Venezuelan citizens fleeing to the neighbouring countries of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Chile have surfaced.

Against this backdrop, the OAS Secretary General Almagro visited the Venezuelan border areas. A total of 35 countries in the Americas are members of the OAS. Almagro blamed the Maduro regime for the crisis in Venezuela. He also alleged that the effects of the policies of Maduro government are affecting the border security of neighbouring countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Columbia, Argentina and also the other countries in the region. The OAS is exploring options to avoid the crisis. He put forth the option of a military intervention to also be under consideration.

Meanwhile, Maduro has accused Almagro of being an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US foreign intelligence service.

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