Russia claims more than 250 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donetsk clashes

Russia claims more than 250 Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donetsk clashes

Moscow/Kyiv: Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed it had thwarted a major attack by Ukraine in the Donetsk region. The Ministry also claimed that Russian defence forces had killed around 250 Ukrainian soldiers in fierce clashes on Sunday. Ukraine has rejected this claim, saying that the information reported by Russia is part of propaganda. Even as claims surface on the Donetsk clashes, media reports suggest that the Ukrainian Army has launched another attack in Bakhmut.

 Donetsk clashes ‘On Sunday morning, the Ukrainian Army carried out major attacks in five areas adjacent to southern Donetsk. Attacks began with the help of six mechanized and two tank battalions. The Ukrainian attacks were aimed at breaking the strong defence system built by Russia in the Donetsk region. Around 23 attacks were attempted throughout the day. But the Russian Army foiled all these attacks,’ the Russian Defence Ministry said. Russia also claimed that 16 tanks and 21 armoured vehicles were destroyed in this intense conflict, killing 2500 Ukrainian soldiers.  

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that his Army was ready for a counteroffensive and that the campaign would begin soon. Given the subsequent attack in Donetsk and Russia’s response, this attack is said to be a part of the counteroffensive. Nevertheless, Ukraine has rejected Russia’s claims, calling the claims about the conflict in Donetsk a part of Russian propaganda.  

As Russia makes claims about the fighting in Donetsk, reports of a renewed conflict in Bakhmut have surfaced. Last month, the ‘Wagner Group’ and Russian forces announced the complete capture of Bakhmut. After gaining control, the units of the Wagner group began to withdraw from Bakhmut. After that, Russia said it had started constructing a new base and other facilities in Bakhmut.  

 Donetsk clashes

But last week, Ukrainian troops began targeting Bakhmut once again. According to new information, Ukrainian forces have launched attacks from the northern part of Bakhmut and have succeeded in capturing some areas. Ukrainian Army and senior officials also released videos and photographs of the Bakhmut clashes on social media. These showed Ukrainian forces launching attacks on Russian troops and units of the Wagner group with artillery guns and tanks.  

Russia has not confirmed the new clashes in Bakhmut. However, some analysts and military bloggers have claimed that Ukraine‘s attack on Bakhmut could be part of its counteroffensive campaign. 


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