Nearly half of US soldiers believe a war with Russia & China most likely, says a US survey

Nearly half of US soldiers believe a war with Russia & China most likely, says a US survey

Washington – The US military personnel have begun to believe that Russia and China have become a threat to the United States security and that there is no other alternative but a war against them. In a survey conducted recently, it became evident that the US military personnel feel a war with Russia and China, is inevitable.

A news agency affiliated with the US military tried to take opinions from soldiers of all the defence units. The soldiers were asked questions about US internal politics, security-related issues and geopolitical developments. They were also asked if there was a possibility of war in the future. While 46 per cent of the soldiers have said that there is a strong possibility of war, they claimed that it would spark off with Russia and China.

Also, 71 per cent of the soldiers said that Russia is the biggest threat to US security. Last year, a total of 53 per cent soldiers believed that Russia was the biggest threat to the United States, whereas, 44 per cent of them believed China was a threat. However, this year 68 per cent of the soldiers have said that China is a threat to the US security only second to Russia. The news agency explained that according to the US soldiers the threat had risen because of the increased levels of defence preparedness from both the countries and also due to the tensions escalating with the United States.

Russia and China are openly considered as the United States adversaries. Therefore, the United States may declare a war against them in the near future. Even so, the survey highlights that the biggest threat to US security is from a cyberwar. Nearly 89 per cent of the US soldiers have voiced the possibility of a cyberattack on the United States and said that keeping the country secure from it would be the biggest challenge. The United States’ administration and military had suffered huge losses because of cyberattacks in the last few years, the soldiers reminded through the survey.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of the soldiers have expressed confidence in President Trump being the right person to handle the situation at a time when the threats to the United States are on the rise. It bears evidence to the fact that the trust of the US soldiers in President Trump had increased in comparison to last year.


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