UK PM Boris Johnson alleges Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to start biggest war in Europe since 1945

UK PM Boris Johnson alleges Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to start biggest war in Europe since 1945

Munich / Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin has plotted a plan to spark the most significant war in Europe since 1945, warned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson issued the warning while speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has claimed that after the invasion of Ukraine, the Baltic and Balkan countries will be Russia’s target. It has come to the fore that nuclear drills were carried out in Russia on Saturday, under the supervision of President Vladimir Putin, in the wake of the United Kingdom’s warnings.  

सर्वात मोठे युद्धIn the past few days, Western countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have become more aggressive, with warnings being issued consistently that Russia would invade Ukraine soon anytime. US President Joe Biden claimed two days ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine. NATO Chief and leaders of countries like Germany, Poland and Estonia have made statements that Russia’s attack on Ukraine could begin at any moment. In the wake of the Munich Security Conference in Germany, the international community has once again reiterated the possibility of Russia’s Ukraine invasion.  

‘The fact is that all the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun,’ said UK’s PM. He said that Russia is preparing to launch an attack targeting the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. The attack could also come from Belarus. He further warned that ‘I’m afraid to say that the plan we are seeing is for something that could be really the biggest war in Europe since 1945, just in terms of sheer scale. People need to understand the sheer cost in human life that could entail.’ Johnson also warned at this time that by attacking Ukraine, if the Russian President has an understanding of weakening NATO, he would be wrong.  

Following PM Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary Truss drew attention to Russia’s aggression. If President Putin was lent the opportunity to invade Ukraine, he could also launch attacks on other neighbouring countries that were part of the old Soviet Union, she said. ‘We need to stop Putin because he will not stop at Ukraine,’ she said. After Ukraine, the Baltic and Balkan countries are at risk of attack, Truss claimed.  

Meanwhile, it surfaced that Russia conducted a ‘strategic nuclear exercise’ on Saturday in the wake of these warnings issued by the United Kingdom. Russian warships, submarines and nuclear-capable missiles in fighter jets were tested during these exercises supervised by President Putin. It is said that it included ballistic as well as cruise missiles, and hypersonic missiles as well, it is said. 

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