Hamas launches heavy rocket attacks over Israel; Israel counterstrikes with air raids

Jerusalem/Gaza: On Monday night, Hamas challenged Israel by launching more than 300 rockets, mortars and missiles over the Israeli borders. About 16 people were injured in the attacks. Infuriated by the attacks, the Israel military carried out crushing attacks on 60 Hamas locations in Gaza Strip. Al-Aqsa, the Hamas TV channel, was also destroyed in the Israeli attacks. Following the Hamas air attacks, it appears that Israel has prepared for a massive strike as it increased the deployment of tanks and artillery at the Gaza border.

rocket attacks, launched, Shin Bet, Gaza Strip, air raids, world war 3, Israel, PalestineTwo days ago, the Israeli special forces in operation, entered the Gaza Strip and eliminated seven people including a Hamas commander. The Israeli defence chief announced that the operation was undertaken to eliminate the Hamas commander who was a significant threat to Israel’s security. Nevertheless, accusing the Israeli action of violating the ceasefire, Hamas had threatened to make a strong retaliation.

On Monday night, the first of the rocket attacks on Israel began from the Gaza’s northern border. Within the first 40 minutes, Hamas had launched between 80 to 100 rockets upon Israel, one of which landed on a bus carrying Israeli soldiers. Also, one of the soldiers was injured in the attack and is said to be in a critical condition. It is believed to be the first instance of Hamas using anti-tank missiles to attack Israel.

rocket attacks, launched, Shin Bet, Gaza Strip, air raids, world war 3, Israel, PalestineAfterwards, Hamas launched more than 300 attacks over the Israeli border region. One Palestinian has reportedly lost his life in one of the Hamas attacks in the Ashkelon Region in southern Israel.

The Israeli military claimed its Iron Dome air defence system proved successful as the Israeli defence system could intercept and thus neutralise more than 60 rockets. However, when the Hamas attacks were being launched, the Israel military and fighter jets carried out fierce attacks in the Gaza Strip. The fighter jets targeted more than 70 locations which included the building that housed the Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV channel. Additionally, Israel also fired a missile at the headquarters of Hamas’ interior security unit.

Along with these proceedings, Israel has also increased military deployment at the Gaza border. A massive contingent of its ground forces, tanks, heavy artillery and military vehicles have been deployed at the border. It is the first deployment of such a scale since 2014. As a precautionary measure, the schools near the Gaza border have been ordered to remain shut until further notice.

Meanwhile, the chief of Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, had claimed that the calm in the Gaza Strip and West Bank since the last few days seemed suspicious. The Israeli intelligence chief had also warned of Hamas preparing to launch rocket attacks into the country.

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