US’s new Missile Defence Strategy is relaunch of Cold War era-like ‘Star Wars’ program, criticises Russia

Moscow / Washington – Russia criticised the ‘Missile Defense Review’ announced by US President Donald Trump, calling it a stark reminder of the ‘Star Wars’ Program during the Cold War era. In the year 1983, then US President Ronald Reagan had announced the development of a missile defense system to counter the threat of strategic nuclear weapons. President Trump has indicated at the installation of ‘space sensors’ and ‘space interceptors’, to stop the advanced nuclear weapons from Russia, China or any other country.

On Thursday, President Trump announced the Missile Defense Review at the Pentagon. It includes two paragraphs stressing on the importance of space. It makes explicit mention of the ‘space-based sensors’ stating that it would make the US missile defence systems more effective. The review highlights that the ‘space-based interceptors’ can play a key role in destroying the enemy missiles during the initial stages after their launch.

During the speech, President Trump also claimed that space was the new battleground and that the ‘US Space Force’ would lead the way. Trump clarified that the objective of the Missile Defense System would be to neutralise any missile targeting the United States launched from anywhere in the world. The Missile Defence Review notes that the US Department of Defense would be testing various concepts and technologies shortly for the space-based missile defense system.

Russia has condemned the importance given to the space systems in the US Missile Defense Review as irresponsible and an act of confrontation. Also, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Trump’s announcement of being a revival of the ‘Star Wars’ Program which was announced by President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War days. The system Reagan had announced of also included space-based missile and laser systems.

The Russian Foreign Ministry fired a salvo of criticism at the United States saying, ‘The new Trump policy is clear permission to build an advanced missile base in space. The implementation of these ideas will inevitably lead to the start of an arms race in space, which will have the most negative consequences for international security and stability’.

‘We would like to call on the US administration to think again and walk away from this irresponsible attempt to re-launch, on a new and more high-tech basis, the still-remembered Reagan-era ‘Star Wars’ program’, appealed Russia.

President Trump and the other US leaders have previously clarified that the manoeuvres in space are directed towards stopping the hypersonic and other advanced missiles that Russia and China are developing. With the new strategy, President Trump has once again underlined the importance of space, its security and the position of the United States in the area.


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