Taiwan’s Mirage 2000 ‘need only 6 mins’ to target China’s warplanes, warns Taiwanese military

Taiwan’s Mirage 2000 ‘need only 6 mins’ to target China’s warplanes, warns Taiwanese military

Taipei – ‘Taiwan is ready to face any aggression from China. The Mirage 2000 fighters of the Taiwan Air Force need only 6 minutes to intercept the intruding Chinese warplanes,’ the Taiwanese military warned. China has threatened Taiwan that its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would take over Taiwan before year end. Nevertheless, Taiwan has also asserted its preparedness to combat China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered his military to be ready to take over Taiwan. Given the background, the Taiwanese military has issued retaliatory warnings to China.

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Two days ago, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry announced the readiness of its fighter jets for combat. Also, the Taiwanese military warned that the ‘Mirage 2000’ fighter jets needed no more than six minutes to get airborne and fend off invading Chinese warplanes. The military added that its air force was ready 24×7 for air operations. The Taiwanese air force had invited the international media to its Hsinchu Air Base to demonstrate the state of preparedness of its fighter jets. At this time, the Mirage fighter jets from the Taiwanese Air Force demonstrated its capabilities in an air exercise.

Taiwan possesses the French-built Mirage 2000 and US-built F-16 fighter jets in its air force fleet. To augment the air force capabilities, Taiwan has initiated talks for the F-35 fighter jets with the United States. However, the talks have stalled due to China’s objection, and therefore, Taiwan has undertaken the modernisation and upgrade of its F-16 fighter jets.

While demonstrating the skills of its air force before international media, Taiwan also tested its surface-to-air missiles. The domestically-built ‘Sky Bow III’ missile is claimed to be an anti-aircraft missile. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen personally oversaw the testing of the missiles.

Meanwhile, claiming Taiwan to be a part of its own, China has claimed sovereignty over it and has initiated manoeuvres to take over the island nation using its military might. The Chinese leadership has issued the necessary orders to the military in this regard and has also warned the United States, which is cooperating with Taiwan. Moreover, China had threatened Taiwan that if they did not accept the ‘One China’ policy before the end of this year, they would have to face dire consequences. Albeit, without paying much heed to the Chinese threats, Taiwan has continued with its military preparations.

Chinese fighter jets circle close to Taiwan

The Chinese Sukhoi-30 fighter jet and Shaanxi Y-8 surveillance aircraft circled close to the Taiwanese airspace. The Taiwanese Defence Ministry alleged that the Chinese planes challenged Taiwan’s sovereignty by trespassing and violating airspace Taiwan and the Philippines. Taiwan responded by dispatching its fighter jets to expel the intruding Chinese aircraft.

The island has begun responding to China with the same aggression. A few days ago, the Chinese fighter jets and surveillance aircrafts patrolled near the Taiwanese airspace. Chinese PLA aircrafts encircled the area for a minimum of 2 hours. Taiwan had sent its fighter jets in retaliation of China’s provocative activity.

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