“I will build the Mexico Wall” asserts President Trump in ‘State of the Union’ address calling it a moral duty

Washington – ‘A proposal to build a wall on the southern border of the United States to tackle the urgent national crisis at the border, has been sent to the Congress. Even if the proposal is not accepted, I will ensure that the wall is built, US President Donald Trump emphatically stated. While addressing both houses of the Congress, Trump justified his stand saying, ‘The agenda submitted to the Congress, is neither from the Republican nor the Democratic Party, but is an agenda for the people of the United States.

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At the end of December last year, President Trump took a persistent stand for including a provision for the Mexico Wall in the federal spending bill. However, due to the opposition of the Democratic Party for the proposal, Trump maintained his adamant stand and the United States had to brace a shutdown. While ending the 35-day shutdown, President Trump offered the Congress a deadline up till Feb 15 to pass the bill. If it was not passed, he was prepared to declare an emergency on the issue, President Trump had warned.

Against the background, the attention of the US citizens as also the rest of the world was focussed on what issues President Trump might raise in the State of Union address at the US Congress. At the very beginning of the State of Union address, President Trump appealed for unity saying, that he would like to see the members of the US Congress working as one entity rather than two separate parties. After initially presenting the increased employment opportunities and economic growth of the nation, Trump turned to illegal immigrants.

Referring to the immigrant influx at the southern US-Mexico border as an urgent national crisis, Trump appealed to both the parties, the Republicans and Democrats to join forces to resolve the issue. He presented his stand saying, ‘Now is the time for the Congress to show the world that the United States is committed to ending the Illegal immigration and putting the ruthless criminal gangs, drug dealers and human traffickers out of business’.

The US President pointed out that preparations were on to illegally send immigrants assembled in the Mexican cities into the United States, while the State of the Union address was in progress. Also, Trump stated that he had sent 3,500 additional soldiers to protect the southern borders and underscored that border security was a moral issue. At the time, he informed the Congress regarding the action taken by the US security agencies against the illegal immigrants, criminal gangs like MS-13 and the murders happening on the border.

 ‘A proposal has been sent to the Congress to end the crisis on the southern border. The proposal includes humanitarian aid, additional security, machinery to stop drug smuggling and a wall to secure the borders. In the past, the members of the US Congress have voted for the wall, but a proper wall was never constructed. Albeit, I will build the wall for sure,’ President Trump asserted.

Analysts claim that the reference to the situation on the US-Mexico borders as a national crisis is an indication of imposing an emergency for the Mexico Wall. At the same time, Trump asserting that he would build the Mexico Wall indicates that he has evaluated all the alternatives and fully prepared to erect it.

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