Indian defence forces expose Pakistan’s lies; show evidence of crashed F-16

Indian defence forces expose Pakistan’s lies; show evidence of crashed F-16

New Delhi – On Wednesday, Pakistan bragged that stalwarts in the Pakistan Air Force attained significant success in shooting down Indian fighter jets. The Pakistan media claimed that by shooting down the Indian fighter jets, their pilots humiliated India. However, the Pakistani celebrations were deflated by the evidence revealed on Thursday.

“The Indian fighter jets were shot down, but Pakistan did not suffer any losses. No F-16 aircraft was used in the attack. Therefore, India’s claim of downing the aircraft is false”, Pakistan had stated. Likewise, Pakistan said that there was no Jaish base in Balakot and that only the trees in the area were damaged in the Indian attack. Nevertheless, the Indian media and then the defence forces revealed evidence exposing Pakistan’s false claims.

Air Vice Marshal (AVM) RGK Kapoor of the Indian Air Force, Major General Surendra Singh Mahal of the Indian Army, and Rear Admiral Dalbir Singh Gujral of the Indian Navy addressed a joint press conference at 7 pm in New Delhi. The press was briefed with information debunking Pakistan’s claims. The photographs of the F-16, which the Indian MiG-21 Bison intercepted and shot down in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) has been published. Furthermore, the picture displays Pakistani officials looking despondently at the crashed aircraft.

Videos proving the existence of a JeM base in Balakot which offered training and housed more than 300 terrorists, were published. Yousuf Azhar was revealed to have been running the terror base camp. He was also the mastermind of the 1999 Kandahar plane hijacking – one of the caretakers of a Jaish-run Madrasa informed the details over a phone call. Subsequently, the Indian media broadcasted the recording of the call.

Pakistan has lost all credibility as it initiated the disinformation war against India by concealing data. The Pakistani media and journalists further regraded their reputation in an attempt to supersede India. While exposing Pakistan, the Indian defence forces laid bare the deception behind Pakistan’s peace proposal. Also, as Islamabad spoke the language of peace, on the one hand, they resorted to firing and shelling on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir on the other.

Pakistan has violated the ceasefire at least 35 times in the last two days, Major General Surendra Singh Mahal informed. “Nevertheless, the Indian Army is delivering a strong and effective response to it. The Army has declared a high alert on the LoC as also on the International Border and is prepared for any Pakistani intrusion”, Major General Mahal warned.

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