Two senior Russian military officers were killed in Donetsk clashes

- Russian Defence Ministry 

Two senior Russian military officers were killed in Donetsk clashes

Moscow: The Russian Army has lost two senior officers in the ongoing struggle for supremacy in the Donetsk region, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, Spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, informed. It is the fourth major blow to the Russian offensive in the past week. In the wake of these successive shocks, Russian circles claim that Ukraine may have started its counteroffensive.  

Last week, Ukraine carried out drone strikes in three Russian provinces in 24 hours. After that, the media reported that the Ukrainian Army launched a major offensive in Bakhmut and some important areas of Donbas and dealt a blow to the Russian defences. On Saturday, the Ukrainian Army shot down two Russian fighter jets and two military helicopters in an attack in the Bryansk region. After that, there were reports of two senior Russian officials being killed.  

Colonel Vyacheslav Makarov, the commander of the 4th motorized rifle brigade, was killed in the fighting near the Krasne region of Donetsk, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said. The unit under his leadership repulsed two major attacks against Ukraine, but in the third attack, Colonel Vyacheslav Makarov was seriously wounded and died, according to Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov. In a statement, the Defence Ministry said the Deputy Commander of the Army Corps, Colonel Yevgeny Brovko, was killed in the fierce battle in Bakhmut.  

Western media and authorities have claimed that Russia has lost more than 20 senior officers of the defence forces in the ongoing conflict against Ukraine for the past 14 months. However, reports in this regard were not confirmed by Russia. Therefore, the death of two senior officers within 24 hours and receiving an acknowledgement regarding this are noteworthy. In the wake of the death of the officers, Russian circles have also started claiming that Ukraine has launched its counteroffensive. Earlier, only a statement from the Wagner Group head saying that Ukraine had begun its “Spring Counteroffensive” had been made from Russia.  

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Ukraine has launched a missile attack on an air force base in Luhansk province. It is said that a contingent of the Russian Army has been deployed to this centre. It has also been claimed that Ukraine used UK-supplied ‘Storm Shadow’ missiles for this attack. It is the second incident in the last 48 hours of an attack being launched using a British missile. Following the attack, Ukrainian officials reported that Ukraine had captured part of Russian-controlled territory in Bakhmut. However, Russia has rejected the claim. 

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