Ukraine obstructs fuel supplies from Russia to Europe  

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Kyiv / Moscow – Ukraine has precluded fuel supplies to European countries, citing solid Russian attacks. Since Wednesday, the fuel supply from the Sokhranovka transit point in the Donbass region on the Ukraine-Russia border has been stopped. Fuel prices have soared by 5% due to the sudden cessation of natural gas supplies to European countries.  

इंधनपुरवठाMoreover, Russia has greatly intensified the attacks in the Donbass region in east Ukraine in the last few days. Russia has continued firing missiles, rockets and artillery at several cities and strategic locations. The fierce conflict has raged for Kharkiv, the second-ranked town in Ukraine. New claims are being made from both sides every day.   

A few days ago, Russia had cut off fuel supplies to Poland and Bulgaria over the payment issues. Except for this matter, despite the continued conflict, Russia has not allowed the fuel supply to European countries to be cut off. On the other hand, Ukraine has been continually demanding that European countries cut off fuel supplies from Russia. Other allies, including the US and the UK, have begun pressuring the federation over the issue. However, Russia’s fuel supply is running smoothly due to the explicit refusal of Germany, a leading country in the European Union.  

Against this backdrop, Ukraine’s sudden decision to shut down a pipeline supplying fuel to Europe has caused a stir. The Sokhranovka transit point provides fuel to countries in Europe, such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. 3.26 crore cubic meters of fuel gas are supplied through this pipeline every day. This counts for about one-third of the total fuel gas supplied to Europe.  

The Ukrainian company has said it precluded fuel supplies, citing attacks from Russia and future unforeseen events. However, Gazprom, a company supplying fuel to Europe, said there had been no incidents of supply being stopped. At the same time, it has been clarified that it is not possible to supply a large number of alternative supplies from the second fuel duct to Europe. Ukraine’s decision could further escalate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and analysts have predicted the possibility. Russia exported more than 150 billion cubic meters of fuel gas to European countries last year. More than 40% of Europe’s total need was met through Russian fuel gas. In the wake of the Ukraine conflict, Europe is taking steps to reduce its imports from Russia, and moves are being made to increase imports from Africa and the Middle East, including the US. At the same time, there are indications that Russia, on the other hand, has prepared to find alternative markets for its fuel. Russia could divert fuel supplies from European countries to Asian countries; a Russian analyst had recently claimed. 

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