Russia preparing to deploy super-advanced ‘Sarmat’ intercontinental ballistic missiles  


Moscow: – Russia will be deploying ‘R-28 Sarmat’, the super-advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a capable speed of 35,560 kilometres per hour and a range of 18,000 kilometres. Colonel General Sergei Karakaev, Commander of the Russian ‘Strategic Missile Forces’, informed that these missiles would replace the R-36 missiles currently being used by the Russian armed forces.   

आंतरखंडीयIn 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced six super-advanced and game-changer weapons. These included nuclear-armed unmanned Poseidon submarines, nuclear-armed Avangard hypersonic missiles, and Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of targeting Texas in the United States within a few seconds. The Russian President had created a sensation with this announcement. Against this background, deploying Sarmat becomes an important strategic decision.   

Moreover, Russia has been testing a Sarmat missile launched from a Silo or an airtight bunker for the last few years. This missile can travel at 7 kilometres per second. Although the Russian agencies announced that the Sarmat could hit a target at a distance of 18,000 kilometres, reports had been received that this missile could hit a target up to 35,000 kilometres. At the same time, the Russian media have claimed that this missile can dodge the most advanced air defence systems.  

आंतरखंडीयThis year, all the tests for Sarmat have been completed and the deployment of the missile will start from early 2022. Eight regiments of ‘R-28 Sarmat’ will be deployed over the next seven years. R-28 Sarmat will be replacing R-36 missiles in the Russian fleet. The R-36 missiles are known as ‘Satan’ missiles in the NATO countries. Therefore, the NATO countries have viewed the announcement for the deployment of R-28 missiles with caution.   

The tensions have increased between Russia and US-NATO alliance over the Ukraine issue. The United States is threatening Russia with sanctions. Whereas, the United States and NATO have warned that if Russia attacked Ukraine, it would culminate into a world war and Russia would face dire consequences.   

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Russia expressed concerns that NATO was deploying nuclear weapons in Europe. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov had warned that if NATO does not withdraw its decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Europe, Russia too will deploy nuclear weapons in Europe. 

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