Russia armed with AI-based ‘Killer Robot Army’ and swarms of bomber drones

London: Russia has taken a significant leap in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the defence sector. The country has created units of mini tanks, capable of carrying out crushing attacks in the battlefield and swarm drones, which can launch bomb attacks. In a video released by the Russian government, they announced that the killer robot army was prepared to face any challenges. The media and analysts claimed that it was propaganda footage of the Russian government and a threat to the United States and its allies.

The Advance Research Foundation, a Russian state-affiliated company has developed two AI-based killer robots, and both the robots have been inducted in the Russian military fleets. However, they are operated with remote control. The ARF video demonstrates the operation of the AI-based robot prototype when deployed independently in a battlefield.

Among them, the strikes made by the mini-tanks in a snow area was reportedly more destructive than the one the Russian soldiers launched with the battle tanks. The Russian soldier is required to take refuge in a secure location to protect himself from an enemy counter strike. Albeit, the mini-tank can make continuous assaults on the enemy location. Also, the mini-tank is armed with the most destructive rifle as even a separate canister for launching bomb attacks.

Furthermore, the Russian company and government claimed that the squadron of swarm drones was ready for autonomous operations. The Russian company states that AI enables swarm drones to target enemy locations easily. Therefore, the killer robot army much-required for the Russia Army has been developed and would soon include the AI-based killer robots as well.

Likewise, China has also tested AI-based military tanks, drones and patrol vessels. Whereas, the US Army officials claim that the United States is lagging in the sector. Only a few days ago, the US Department of Defence announced an independent policy for the Artificial Intelligence sector taking cognisance of the significant investments being made by countries like Russian and China in it.

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