Despite escalating tensions, President Trump says US is open for talks with Iran

Washington – The US President Donald Trump announced that ‘Although in the last few hours, the US has deployed its aircraft carriers and bombers in the Middle East, the US is open for talks with the Iranian leadership. If they reach out to us and call, we could certainly deliberate with Iran and engage in negotiations’.

In the last ten days, the US has consistently been imposing fresh sanctions against Iran. Also, it has deployed its military close to the Iranian waters. Despite the tensions, President Trump said that he was open for talks with Iran. Furthermore, he added that he sincerely wanted them to have a great economy as also for them to be a strong and great nation.

Nevertheless, former US Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to dissuade Iran from perusing talks with the US, alleged President Trump. ‘Kerry is in constant touch with the Iranian leaders and has violated his rights as a citizen of the United States. He should be prosecuted under the Logan Act (the law prohibits US citizens from negotiations with foreign governments)’, President Trump demanded.

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