US proposes expanding Five Eyes to ‘Nine Eyes Alliance’ to counter threat from China, Russia 

Five Eyes

Washington: Movements are underway to extend the scope of the Five Eyes Alliance, a group of intelligence agencies, to counter China’s hegemonic activities. The United States has introduced a recommendation in this regard in the bill for the US defence budget. Considering the changing global landscape, it suggests adding some more countries to the Five Eyes Alliance. These countries include India, Japan, South Korea and Germany. 

The House Armed Services Committee of the US Congress has approved the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that covers the defence expenditure for the forthcoming year. The bill includes various instructions and recommendations, including those from the Intelligence Subcommittee. In the light of changing global state of affairs, the Intelligence Subcommittee emphasizes the importance of groups like the ‘Five Eyes’. 

‘As China and Russia are once again emerging as a major threat, the Five Eyes member countries need to work closer together. There is a need for the expansion of the alliance with assistance from like-minded democracies,’ the Subcommittee advised. The Intelligence Subcommittee has instructed the director of US national intelligence and the secretary of defence to submit a report by next year. 

अमेरिकेकडूनThe report is required to include data regarding agreements on the exchange of confidential information with the Five Eyes member countries and the current state of the intelligence agencies involved. Similarly, the Intelligence Subcommittee has also instructed that the report must include the benefits of incorporating countries such as Japan, South Korea, India and Germany with the expansion of the Five Eyes. 

During World War II, the US and UK intelligence agencies reached an agreement to increase mutual collaboration. Soon after, the alliance expanded to include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. During the Cold War between the US and Russia, steps were taken to strengthen it. Although the Five Eyes was operational after the end of the Cold War, the scope of its activities was limited. 

The expansionist activities of the Chinese communist regime have been steadily intensifying over the past decade. The Chinese communist regime has collaborated with Russia, and it is emerging as a new threat. Given this risk, the US has taken the initiative to counter it. Accordingly, the US is making efforts to bring various allied nations together. The expansion of Five Eyes is also a part of the strategy. Therefore, there are indications of the Five Eyes alliance transforming into the Nine Eyes with the inclusion of four new countries. 

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