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China’s new laser system can detect objects at unprecedented depths, will change anti-submarine warfare

Shanghai: China has grown its military might tremendously, and has now developed a new laser system. A company associated with the Chinese military claimed that the laser system would enable the detection of a submarine easily even if it were located at the bottom of the ocean. The news agency has stated in its report that the system would allow launching attacks on submarines without any difficulties and change the nature of anti-submarine warfare. Furthermore, the Chinese company asserted that the technology was not available even with the countries leading in the defence sector.

A team from ‘Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics’ (SIOM), affiliated to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), tested the laser system in the South China Sea. After six months of secrecy, the Chinese company revealed information on the tests through the local media. The company did not provide details on the part of the South China Sea, where the test was conducted. However, the news report said that the beams were generated with blue and green light lasers, were used in the experiments.

The SIOM completed the testing with a small passenger aircraft. The lasers were shot at a depth of 160 metres from the sea level. While the tests were only preliminary, the company has plans to reach a distance of 500 metres below sea level. Sunrays can reach up to 200 metres deep from the sea level. Therefore, the Chinese news agency affirms the lasers were more penetrative than the sunrays.

Previously, China had tried to search the seabed with the use of lasers. The PLA, along with a Chinese company, carried out the tests, nearly a year ago. Nevertheless, the Chinese company has declared that the SIOM test, was a significant development in the field of Optical Science and would make it easier to locate submarines stuck at the bottom of the sea. While talking to a news agency, a Chinese analyst claimed that the lasers would revolutionise the anti-submarine technology.

Currently, the SONAR technology is used to locate submarines. Due to heavy movements of ships, it becomes difficult to pick up the specific sounds of the subs. The enemy submarine can take advantage of the situation and safely travel through the depths of the sea. At such times, the SIOM-developed laser technology deployed on planes or satellites, would enable detection of the submarines easily, Australian researcher Manabrata Guha highlighted.

eanwhile, Guha went on to say that the laser systems, developed by the Shanghai-based SIOM, had certainly augmented the Chinese military strength. In an interview to a news agency, Guha warned saying, ‘China is concerned over the scenario of the US submarines entering the Chinese waters. In such a scenario, the Chinese military will be able to locate the US submarines with the help of the laser system.’

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