Turkey will not retreat from Syria’s Idlib by even one step: President Erdogan  

Turkey will not retreat from Syria’s Idlib by even one step: President Erdogan  

Istanbul/Damascus: The conflict between Turkey and the Assad regime in Syria for control over Idlib has intensified. Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned that ‘Although the Syrian military has laid siege on Turkish military outposts, we will not retreat even one step from Idlib. Instead, we will drive the Syrian military forces out of Idlib using the region’s airspace.’ On the other hand, reports have surfaced of the Syrian military launching attacks on a convoy of Turkish military vehicles.  

On Wednesday, the Turkish President issued the warning to the Syrian military, which was taking action in the Idlib province. ‘The Syrian military should completely withdraw from Idlib within the next three days, that is before the end of this month. Also, it applies to the Syrian soldiers laying siege to the Turkish military outposts. The Turkish military will not leave the security posts and take even one step back from Idlib,’ Erdogan announced. 

Nevertheless, President Erdogan threatened the Syrian military of dire consequences if his advice was ignored. Erdogan indicated carrying out airstrikes against the Syrian army. ‘Turkey has not used the Idlib airspace till now although we will now make use of it to retain control over the Idlib province,’ Erdogan asserted.   

President Erdogan had claimed that the Turkish offensive was for the Syrian people displaced from Idlib. Will drive the Syrian military away from Idlib for the displaced Syrian citizens, Erdogan had said. Erdogan’s comments came after the Turkish army took control of two cities in the Idlib province from the Syrian government forces.  

Meanwhile, a fierce conflict is ongoing between the Syrian and Turkish militaries in Idlib. On Wednesday, the Syrian army targeted a convoy of Turkish military vehicles with missiles. A UK-based human rights organisation informed that one of the Turkish vehicles was destroyed in the attack. The conflict in Idlib, therefore, is set to intensify further. 

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