The Third Word War has already begun on an economic front between US-UK & China-Russia: Russian analyst Alexander Zaploskis

Moscow: The United States administration is currently in deep peril and the US’ “systemic crises” cannot be solved in any way other than a global war. This war has been ongoing since the last two years and is constantly intensifying. Nevertheless, this war is at an economic front rather than nuclear and the China-Russia lead appears to be winning against that of the US-UK, claims Russian analyst Alexander Zapolskis. A US think tank website has published a story on it.

In an article written for a Russian news agency, Alexander Zapolskis states the beginning of the Third World War. Zapolskis refers to the China-Russia front as the Eurasia, whereas, US-UK have been referred to as a Global Island. In the article, he claimed that while China is the new global economic centre, Russia is to be the new hub for the future world.

“The US is in an ideological and systematic crisis, which is terminating its global hegemony”, said the Russian analyst in the article. He also claimed, “Meanwhile, Eurasia is becoming a main global actor and shaping its new political system”.

Moreover, he mentioned the debt over the US economy as also its fiscal deficit and forecast that the US will be faced with a global ‘loss of trust’. As he elaborated over China’s economic progress and made claims over its sovereignty, he warned that henceforth, it would be incorrect to refer to the mainland as a Second World country. He further asserted that in the US-initiated economic war against China, Russia, Europe and other countries, the US would be defeated and made the startling claim that, “The states will no longer be united, which will lead to a result similar to the collapse of the USSR”.

Alexander Zaploskis, who professes of the US defeat has warned that the complete collapse of the US would not be favourable for others. As the administration is based on the US dollar, it would hit other countries as well and may likely lead to a crisis of an enormous magnitude.

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