US initiates action into China theft of Coronavirus vaccine secrets  

US initiates action into China theft of Coronavirus vaccine secrets  

Washington: Given the fight, the United States has started against China over the matter concerning the Novel Coronavirus, the country has begun tightening the noose on Beijing with its action. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, released an independent statement on the recent spate of cyberattacks and stealth of Coronavirus vaccine secrets from China and warned the country to put an end to it immediately. On the other hand, in the latest report, the US intelligence agencies put together, they have openly placed the blame on China for the Coronavirus outbreak and indicated stringent action ahead. The move has drawn a severe response from China, which has alleged the US was trying to smear its image.   

US President Donald Trump has consistently adopted a firm stand against China on unfair trade practices and theft of intellectual property. Trump has even accused China of plundering the US and taken bold decisions from time to time to curb the Chinese activities. In the US battle against China over the Coronavirus, execution of decisions will likely be expedited.  

The statements of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, underscores the fact. Pompeo has candidly blamed the cyber groups and hackers associated with the ruling Chinese Communist Party, of stealing intellectual property as well as research related to the Coronavirus. Furthermore, the Secretary of State also threatened that China must stop these malicious activities at once. In his statements, Pompeo made mention of the investigation the US agencies had undertaken as also the report they had documented.  

The US Department of Justice, prime investigative agency FBI and Department of Homeland Security, have initiated an aggressive crackdown in the last few months against the Chinese activities. They have taken, a US professor, for his involvement in the Chinese theft of US research, and two other suspects into custody as also filed a case against them. In the next few months, few more cases will be presented in connection with such Chinese activities, informed an official from the US Department of Justice.  

In February, the FBI Director had said that more than a thousand incidents were under investigation as they were suspected of being linked to the Chinese theft of US technology. Only two days ago, a report released with the help of the US Department of Homeland Security, had raised the alarm stating that Chinese hackers were launching cyberattacks to steal research on the COVID-19 virus.   

A reaction has emerged from China against all actions the US has initiated. The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticised the proceedings of the US agencies, calling these an attempt to taint China’s image. Also, the Chinese Spokesperson slammed the US, saying that the US was trying to shift the blame on China for covering up their mishandling of the virus. 

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