Australia pushes back against Chinese aggression over South China Sea and trade 

Australia pushes back against Chinese aggression over South China Sea and trade 

Canberra: Australia is one of the countries which had proposed a resolution against China at the World Health Organisation (WHO). Also, Australia’s stand against China has increasingly intensified. Since China has imposed tariffs over Australian goods, the country has decided to drag China to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). At the same time, the Australian High Commission has targeted China over the South China Sea issue. The series of events that took place in succession have exacerbated the already strained Australia-China relations.

A few days ago, Australia had proposed a resolution demanding a complete investigation into the Coronavirus Pandemic at the WHO, with the help of European Union (EU). China had even threatened Australia of consequences over the matter. Thereafter, China’s imposition of 80% tariffs on Australian imports draws significant attention. China stated that the inquiry into the case was ongoing since 2018 as it tried to justify the decision.

Nevertheless, Australia has proven that it was not going to give in to China’s pressure. Right after China declared the tariffs, Australia decided to drag the country directly to the WTO, Australian Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud informed.

Australia has indicated initiation of a trade war against China and slammed the country over the South China Sea as well. Barry O’Farrell, Australia’s next high commissioner to India, has warned that Australia would continue patrolling the South China Sea with its warships and fighter jets. Apart from that, Australia would also support the activities of nations other than China in the region, O’Farrell said.

As the international community grapples with fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, China is attempting to fulfil its strategic ambitions. A few weeks ago, China had sunk a Vietnamese boat. Besides, the country named a few islands in the region directly and declared its right over them. China had also claimed it chased off the US warship patrolling the area. The US, and the rest of the world, have objected to the Chinese activities and initiated steps to curb them. Under the circumstances, the extreme stand a powerful nation such as Australia has adopted makes China’s global isolation evident.

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