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3000 troops claimed dead in Armenia-Azerbaijan war as heavy fighting continues

Yerevan/Baku: Armenian Spokesperson has made a sensational claim stating 3000 Azerbaijani soldiers had been killed in the war raging between the two countries since the past six days. At the same time, the US, Russia and France have called on both nations to exercise a ceasefire. Although Armenia has shown willingness towards accepting the proposal, Turkey has warned that it was unacceptable to it. Therefore, the events indicate at war intensifying significantly and soon.  

तीन हज़ार सैनिकThe autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh, located near the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, has been in the midst of a fierce conflict since Sunday. It has been six days into the war, and while an end does not seem in sight, both nations have alleged causing significant damages to their adversary. A few days ago, Azerbaijan had stated that they had killed more than 2000 soldiers of the Armenian Army. The country had even released videos and photographs that provided a briefing on their attacks.  

While responding to claims, Armenian Spokesperson said they had  killed over 3,000 soldiers of the Azerbaijani military. Armenian Spokesperson Vagram Pogosyan alleged that ‘As per information obtained by the intelligence agencies, more than 3,000 Azerbaijani soldiers had been killed. Dead bodies of the several slain were lying on the battlefield as no arrangements had been made for them.’ Furthermore, Azerbaijan has allegedly ramped up attacks since Friday and said to have seized control of some regions in Nagorno-Karabakh. The information surfaced while the international community is taking firm steps for a ceasefire.  

तीन हज़ार सैनिकThe US, Russia and France have released a joint statement warning both Armenia and Azerbaijan to stop the attacks immediately. Also, in the statement, the countries have called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to prepare for negotiations without preconditions. Further, the Armenian Foreign Ministry has hinted at accepting the offer for talks. However, Turkey, which is backing Azerbaijan in the fight, has rejected the appeal from the US, Russia and France. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused that the countries, which are trying to achieve a ceasefire, have ignored the dispute for the past 30 years and so their proposal was unacceptable now.  

तीन हज़ार सैनिकPreviously, Turkey had rebuffed Russia’s appeal regarding the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. After that, the country also rejected the proposal put forth with the initiative of the US and France. Turkey thereby appears to have hurt even NATO member nations over the ongoing war and will possibly receive a significant blow in response.  

Meanwhile, in an interview with an Indian news outlet, Armenia Foreign Minister Avet Adonts reiterated that Pakistani soldiers were participating on behalf of Azerbaijan. Deputy Foreign Minister Adonts said, ‘Pakistani soldiers have entered Azerbaijan via Turkey. This does not come as a surprise to us and will soon be proved with evidence.’ His remarks have drawn reactions from social media. A former Indian security official took a dig at Pakistan and said, ‘Armenia must not worry at all. The Pakistani Army has a long history of losing wars. Their presence will bring good luck to you.’ 

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