US population against ‘Made in China,’ reveals a new survey

US population against ‘Made in China,’ reveals a new survey

Washington: – The anger in the US population against China over the Coronavirus pandemic issue is intensifying. 40% of the people questioned during a study, conducted by a US institute, have said that they will not buy products made in China. At the same time, 50% of the people insisted that US companies should focus on reducing their imports from China. The trend observed in the US people endorses the aggressive anti-China stance taken by President Donald Trump.

Made in China, अमेरिका, 'मेड इन चायना'Coresight Research, from the United States, recently published a report by the name ‘Consumers Turned Against Made in China’. This report has been based on the consumer surveys conducted since March. The report mentions that the intensifying anger in the people of the United States against China, regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, is evident in the inferences drawn from the report. The report notes that 60% of the people opposing Made in China are senior citizens.

While the Coronavirus pandemic was flaring up in the United States, US media had carried reports of a severe shortage of medical supplies, necessary to fight the epidemic. The Chinese policies were responsible for the shortfalls in the hospitals and the medicine shops. This is because China had imposed a ban on exports of PPE kits, masks and essential medicines during the pandemic period. Moreover, China was pressurising even the multinational companies manufacturing medical products. Therefore, the United States faced a tremendous shortage of these items.

Made in China, अमेरिका, 'मेड इन चायना'The same background seems to be responsible for the change in the opinion of the people in the United States. This change of heart in the people of the United States has been noted even by the US Congress, and many bills have been admitted against China. The bills stress on focusing on Made in America, reducing dependence on China and creating a new supply chain in the world trade. It is being revealed that just like the United States, European and Asian countries are taking similar efforts too.


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