China warns Taiwan over offering refuge and protection to Hong Kong protesters  

China warns Taiwan over offering refuge and protection to Hong Kong protesters  

Beijing: The Chinese Communist Party has issued a warning to Taiwan that “Providing shelter for and taking onto the island the rioters and elements who bring chaos to Hong Kong will only continue to bring harm to Taiwan’s people.” On the sidelines of the new National Security Law in Hong Kong, Taiwan has planned to supply refuge to the protesters. The latest threat makes it clear that Taiwan’s activities have made China quite anxious.  

Massive pro-democracy protests had sparked in Hong Kong last year after a new law was imposed on the city by the Chinese regime. President Tsai Ing-wen was at the forefront of the support the protests had received from across the world. The island had even released an official statement for backing the Hong Kong protesters. Now, after the Chinese regime proposed the new security law for Hong Kong, Taiwan has once again launched a barrage of criticism in stern words.   

However, Taiwan has not just offered vocal support but has also stepped forward to back the Hong Kong protesters. After China implements the security law in Hong Kong, Hong Kongers may try to flee from the city-state in large numbers, and Taiwan has shown the willingness to take them in. The city-state has started the process to set up an independent department for Hong Kongers, and the office is to begin operations from July 1.   

Taiwan’s actions appear to have angered the ruling Chinese Communist Party. As the Communist regime threatened Taiwan of severe consequences, it also warned that foreign powers, which supported Hong Kong and Taiwan, would never be victorious. At a time, when Taiwan has taken a stand of direct conflict with China, even the European nations have delivered a blow to it.  

On Friday, the European parliament passed a resolution on Hong Kong against China. As per the decision, if China were to impose the National Security law in Hong Kong, the European Union (EU) would drag the Chinese regime to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Through the resolution, the EU has condemned China’s violations of human rights and demanded to challenge the Chinese crackdown by pressurising the country using economic means.   

Taiwan’s moves and the resolution the European Parliament has passed, only show the international community is becoming more aggressive against China. In a statement last week, the G7 group, an international organisation of seven major countries, urged China to reconsider its decision on the new Hong Kong security law. Before that, world’s leading NGO groups had stingingly criticised China saying that the new security law muzzled human rights in Hong Kong as also was a killer blow to the fundamental rights and freedoms of its people.   

Hong Kong was previously a British colony and was handed over to China in 1997 as part of an agreement. However, the UK government had made a few significant agreements with China during the handover. According to the arrangement, the city was to be handled as per the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ model. Also, the agreement ensured safeguarding Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years. Even so, the Chinese Communist Party has been making moves for a change in Hong Kong’s administration since the past few years.   

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