China threatens Japan to decline hosting US missiles or face serious repercussions 

China threatens Japan to decline hosting US missiles or face serious repercussions 

Beijing/Tokyo: China has threatened Japan in stern words not to fall victim to the US’ geopolitical plot and host US missiles on its soil. Otherwise, the country would have to bear severe consequences. The US has adopted the policy of massive military deployment in the Indo-Pacific to curb aggressive Chinese activities for domination in the region. As part of the strategy, the US plans to deploy intermediate-range missiles in Japan and a few east Asian nations. However, the move has drawn an intense reaction from China. Beijing is trying to pressurize the countries, which are likely to host US missiles.  

China threatens Japan, US, अमेरिका, क्षेपणास्त्र, जपानला धमकी, चीनChina has issued a threat to Japan and said, ‘Because of historical reasons, Japan’s military security trends have always received the attention of the international community and its Asian neighbours. We urge Japan to learn the lessons of history earnestly. The country should respect its national constitution and abide by its peaceful and protectionist policy and make decisions accordingly. Nevertheless, China will not sit by idly if Japan initiates steps for hosting the missiles and will have to bear consequences forit‘.  

Apart from Japan, China has threatened other nations from east Asia as well. ‘In the meantime, China hopes Japan and other countries can take regional peace and stability into consideration, act prudently and say no to the US so that they don’t fall victim to a US geopolitical plot in the region. The US wants to deploy intermediate-range missiles on their land,’ Chinese Defence Ministry Spokesman Wu Qian warned.  

China threatens Japan, US, अमेरिका, क्षेपणास्त्र, जपानला धमकी, चीनLast year, the US withdrew from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia. After that, the US began to develop intermediate-range missiles once again. The missiles are said to have a range of 500 to 5,500 km.   

In the past few months, China has ratcheted up its activities significantly in the South China Sea. The country’s ambitious objective is to gain control over Hong Kong, Taiwan, the South China Sea and the East China Sea and achieve territorial sovereignty. However, the US has stepped forward to curb the Chinese ambition and is seeking support from Japan, India, Australia and other Southeast Asian nations.  

Missiles and other defence-related deployments are part of the strategy to stop China. As China has become aware of it, the country is threatening its neighbours in an attempt to counter the plan. 

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